Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not for the office

Sale season is on! Today I am taking advantage of the euro rate and getting a pair of fantastic Gucci shoes on the sales. I love the way they look kind of 80's as well as vintage at the same time. Check out the tiger heads on them! I'm in love and I am sure my legs will thank me.

To blog or not to blog

I read blogs for inspiration. I love a well worked post. And I realize that it takes some work to deliver up to standrads yourself.

I have been absent. A bit because I have been smuthered with work, but also because I have not decided what to do with this blog.

I am thinking about only taking outfit pictures. Anonymous ones.

Would you read me then?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Men: Back to Business

Do you think this should be a women's blog only?

I would like to share a men's suit from the Swedish brand Tiger of Sweden. Look at the beautiful, modern cut of the jacket with the narrow collar and amazing discrete plaide.

Cultural difference alert, I am sure the straight cut of the trouser is very unique for Europe and Scandinavia.

This is unfortunately the brand I can not wear (at least not more than single items) - but it doesn't mean you can't?

The Pencil Skirt

You all have to figure out what your bodies look like and what is becoming on you. I know plenty of fabulous Swedish brands, that are rather pricey, but look pretty cheap on me because they don't fit my body type.

For me, I have found the basic collection of Zara impeccable, and I update my items when I need or if a season brings a new cut. You should find a collection that fits you with one brand, where you can just go in and update if you ever need trousers, a pencil skirt, a dress or a jacket from that line.

I normally don't wear the skirts with the visible zipper but I have two from Zara with this exact cut. Picture from
Notice three things that make a skirt suitable for work:
  • The skirt is knee length
  • The fit is rather comfortable
  • The cut is not too high in the back.
What are your favourite brands for office wear bulk shopping?

Local office wear - global impact

I work in a conservative business. One impact on the work wear culture is also the country where you live, apart from your sector. For ease of reference, I live in Sweden (Stockholm, to be precise) so I think there is some leeway in how strict you need to be. But the conservative line of work also brings restrictions with it.

So in order to know what you can wear, you have to look around and see what is permitted, encouraged, and accepted in your country of work and in your line of business.

I have one problem. I browse a bunch of fashion blogs and get inspired everyday. However, it drives me insane to realise I don't have the liberty to dress like the fashion bloggers. Well, even if I technically could, I wouldn't feel comfortable or proffessional. And on my time off - well then I look like a gardener or wear something very very comfortable with zero thought behind.

So I am missing some great inspiration for that every day work look which is not only a suit.

That is the point and purpose of this blog. You think it will interest you?

Admittedly very silly picture but I desperately needed to make reference to the pointless headline.

The Office Blog

Welcome to the Office Blog!

I always wondered why there was no blog with great advice on what to wear and how to behave at the office. And also, some inspiration as to what is wearable at the office without being boring.

I work with an international firm that imposes a dress code. This dress code is the same throughout the world, with some room for local variety.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire, to help and to guide where guidance is needed.

My pencil skirts look nothing like this, but a girl can dream about showing up in any of these to the office.

I hope you will enjoy visiting this blog from time to time. Until next post, stay inspired!