Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Oh my. Today I deviated from my dressing plan. I always had a hunch that my camel Gerard Darel suit was a little old fashioned in the cut. And the wool a little bit itchy. And maybe my tummy doesn't look so flattering in it. But frankly, I wouldn't quite know, because I never really wore it before. I mean, I tried it on, but not wore wore it, if you know what I mean.  

So it made me think I should try a different pair of pants this morning. A pair that has been hanging in my closet ever since I could not resist buying it during the Paris sales last year ( - or was it two years ago? I forget). But. I did the unforgivable, I bought them although they could barely fit and only close with force and not look so comfortable. I don't do that - I am too mature and too self appreciative and not self-deceptive enough. But I did.

But THIS MORNING! I was able to wear the pants, and they looked great, I looked great, and I felt great! It means that my new work-out routine is paying off and I love it.

So what about my work wear schedule? I stuck to it for the black shirt. Well almost, at least, since I chose a black Mango knitted short sleeved top with a bowtie on the side and a Zara blazer that has a very similar checked pattern. I hopped into my sexy mode Zara suede pumps with a "cleavage" and I love it! And I love my mirror image - is that even allowed?


Ok, now that I see it, it doesn't look that special. But close are more the feeling thy give us than what they actually make us look like. Some better quality on my blog pictures for the future perhaps?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We love animalprints!

It's funny to see, the pictures on my Instagram (fashion_lawyer) that get the most likes always have animal prints in them. So I take animal prints are popular.

Animal prints are not for everyone, and they are not always for work.

I try and limit my work wear to include either my Gucci Icon Bit Hobo bag

Or to my Gucci python peeptoes in the same leather (maybe even from the same snake?)

But in private a go crazy and besides my Current/Elliot Zebra jeans as worn before

I now added to my collection a pair of snake skin print jeans from Mango, bought on sale at 50% off!

What do you think - is it all just crazy and non-wearable? Which is your favourite? What animal do you prefer on print?

Client dinner in DvF

Last night I was invited to a client dinner. I rushed home from work, showered and freshened up, and jumped into my Diane von Furstenburg burgondy wool dress. I realize the setting for the picture is not the best with all the laundry behind, but this is what I captured.

The red leather Hermès Kelly Cadena bracelet and the black Hermès clic clac bracelet were on as usual.

It is important to have a set of clothes that you can wear outside of the office, but for work related activities. My evening wear for a night out on town with my friends looks very different from that of a client dinner with people from different nationalities, cultures and ages. I recommend you to invest in a dress which is easy to wear and elegant at the same time in the perfect length, preferably with a sleeve so you don't feel naked or exposed in case you find yourself in a situation for example with only men.

My DvF standard business dinner dress below:

I love the back as seen below:

And with my new love, the Hermès Kelly Cadena vintage bracelet!

Pictures from

What is your standard evening attire for work related events?

Terrific Tuesday!

I am loving this weekly office wear fashion planning! I succeeded today as well, with one minor adjustment - no white scarf as its silver details would not match with the gold buttons of the Massimo Dutti shirt (read this post on office warderobe staples for more on my silk blouses under 60 Euros).

Instead, I wore my new Hermès vintage Kelly H Cadena bracelet on one hand and my Hermès black and gold clic clac on the other.

I hopped out of my Louis Vuitton boots and changed to my Cosmoparis blue suede pumps at the office. 


What do you think? Too sloppy? Too strict? Nothing in particular?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Office warderobe staples

I am always out hunting for silk blouses, shirts or tops that cost under 60 Euros. Why? Because it is a great way of keeping your office outfit smart and chic with the normally very flattering shape and luxurious feel of silk. And below 60 Euros, i feel like I can take the risk and not send it to the dry cleaner and wash at home instead. Either by hand, using specially designated silk soap, or in the machine, in a laundry bag in order to avoid frictions with other garnments or other silk blouses, on a cold silk program. Then I iron it on reverse.

These are few of my most frequently worn under 60 Euro silk blouses. True, they may not be in store right now, but my general tip is to always keep eyes open for them.

Black silk pocket shirt from Rivers Island.

White silk top with bowtie from Massimo Dutti.

Cream silk top with blue details on the collar and on the back, with golden buttons in the back, Massimo Dutti.

Orange silk pocket shirt from River Island as worn below.

What are your office warderobe staples? Do you have a price target, a material target or a colour target? Share!

Successful Monday!

I was almost successful in following Monday's planned work wear!

I had planned to wear a black pencil skirt, an orange silk top and a peach coloured cashemere cardigan ontop.

This is what I wore:

As you can see, I decided to skip the peach coloured cardigan as it simply didn't match. I had an idea that it would look fresh and nice together in combination with the orange, but it simply took colour off my face and from the silk blouse.

Please excuse my thick pantyhose which are quite rarely used, but in this cold weather I felt I had to either go with that or with trousers.

Since I got no suggestions, my only accessories were my nails in Chanel Orangefizz coloure and my black Hermès cliq-claq, so until tomorrow's outfit I hope for some suggestions.

What do you think about this one?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Office wear week planning

Do you ever plan what to wear for the following day? I always plan to plan, but at the end of the day, I find myself running around like a crazy person in the morgning trying to find something that is smart, comfortable and suiting together. This week is going to be very busy so I am going to give it an honest try. We will see if I succeed by posting an outfit of the day every day on the blog. This is a great challenge for me!


Black pencil skirt, orange silk blouse and peach chashmere cardigan. Either black shoes or Gucci snake skin shoes in matching colour of the top and cardigan.


Grey suit, white silk top. White and silver Gucci scarf. Black LK Bennet patent pumps.


Beige suit with black silk blouse. Brown suede Louboutin shoes.


Lanvin blue and white skirt, white silk blouse, blue suede shoes.


Black leather skirt and cream wool cardigan. Black schal with sculls.

How does it sound? You think it seems boring? What kind of dressers are you, the ones who wake up in a certain mood and chose your outfit in the spur of the moment or the kind that plans?

How would you accessorize the different looks just by their description?

I hope you are all having a fab Sunday evening!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Find your cut

I love Tara Jarmon. With time, I have learned that it suits me very well, also. So I find myself purchasing quite a lot from there, specially office items.

A few of my Tara Jarmon favourites worn during the past week:

Coat and knitted sleaveless top

Silk dress (belt from By Malene Birger)

Silk blouse from Tara Jarmon that I have in white and offwhite.

Close-up on the double

Cashmere pale pink turtle neck

Cashemere bowtie back

Cashemere bowtie back and hairdo


A piece of advice is to find a brand that suits you, where the sizes are true to yours, and make it your warderobe standard purchase. Whether it be H&M, Topshop or Tara Jarmon.

Office wear

I would like to know who my readers are - if there are any?

I would like to know what you would like to read in a blog - is it pictures? Solid advice? Personal reflections? Display of warderobe?

I will try very hard to figure out what works.

In the mean time, I have lately been very occupied at the office.

I have a desk job. Sometimes, at work, I get to meet clients. Other times, I just sit in my room and think. On occasions, I sit on my room and type.

I dress very differently at the office given the two occasion. When I meet with clients, I would normally wear a full suit or a skirt and blouse, sometimes with a matching blazer. I try to keep the cuts up to date and flattering to my body shape in order to avoid the "more coffee? more tea?"- airhostess approach. I try to keep my accessories clean and sometimes I avoid all together the obvious branded ones, like the Chanel earrings or Hermès bracelet.

On occasions when I am counting on desk job only, I don't take it as seriously. I don't know if that is a good thing, but sometimes I just can't be bothered to hop into that uniform.

Of course, jeans are a no-no. But I tend to lean towards as comfortable as possible, and the next thing replacing jeans. Like thicker leggings from Massimodutti. And a knittet sweater in cream colour from Cos. And indoors, I keep my Louis Vuitton boots on and don't change into heels.

I wish I had the energy to always dress according to dress code, but lacking that energy, at least I get to be creative and wear what I have in my closet. I might post some evidence pictures if that's wanted.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shopping - Louis Vuitton Boots

This purchase was unfortunately not on sale. Although I quite like the idea of bying somethin on full price and knowing that two weeks later, I am not going to find it on the racks for half price.

I have brown leather boots already and was looking for something black, more versatile. In fact, I have gone from avoinding black and bying everything in all kinds of crazy colours, to actually going back to basics and appreciating the simplicity of something that does not always have to make any other statement than classical.

Here, me childishly happy about my new boots in the sofa.

I love the detailed work!

How much would you allow a pare of boots to cost given that they are "just" black ordinary boots that you could buy anywhere?

Sales Shopping - Current/Elliot Zebra Vintage Jeans

Let's start the displays of the sales from this season. First out are these new favourites, zebra print jeans from Current/Elliot bought at 50% off from Nelly. I have worn them with a black silk shirt once and with a white silk blouse another time. Both times with my bf:s vintage YSL black lizard belt. Does it get more back to the zoo than that?

On the picture, I am wearing a coat from H&M (also purchased on half price early fall) and a faux fur that I ripped of a Primark coat. Also in my Louis Vuitton boots that I live in nowadays.

What do you think? Too horsey or zooey? Better with leopard or snake print?
A nice close-up.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Shoppoholic - Hermès vintage bracelet

I can't seem to stop myself. Yesterday I made this online vintage purchase. Honestly, I think it's going to be a lousy buy that I will have to return since the bracelet may be in miniature size (a bit like the picture).

Thank God for 14 days return policy!

Sales shopping - Balenciaga Bag

To break off a little from previous season's sales, here is my latest love and latest sales purchase.

Although clean in style and in black, it is not so much for the office as it does not fit a regular office computer.

But I introduce to you to my new gem, the Balenciaga A4 Papier!

Indeed not so much for the office

A while back I showed some sales shopping from

I have ever since worn those lovely mirror heel tiger Gucci black suede and gold sandals with joy but not as ofter as I would have liked since they don't fit the description of my office dress code.

Here they are again, picture taken with my iphone.

Before we start talking about my sales purchases of this year, let's talk about some of the ones of last year that I am still in love with.

Sales shopping is an art, I know some men wont believe you but it is true. A great sales item is something:

-You've been looking for to complete your look or your closet

-You'd buy at full price, if you hadn't already spent the money

- That you still love and wear even after the thrill of the bargin is long over

I bought this lovely Tara Jarmon leopard print coat on last winter sales. And I love it! Paired with a white silk skirt and a black pencil skirt it is the best office pick-me-up instead of the boring blacks and greys.

I know it's a whole lot of promises now, but I will show you in a later post how I wear it.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New 2013!

I admit - I have been lazy. Or just very busy at the office lately. Should we give this blog a chance?

Some of my recent purchases that I will share with you in posts to come:

Red Valentino studded leather bracelet
Balenciaga bag

Louis Vuitton boots

Miu Miu office bag

Burberry cloche rabbit felt hat

Tara Jarmon cashmere blouse with bowties

....and a lot more!

Some on sale and others on stupid, normal price. As if we all are made out of money.

Are you with me?