Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Morning routine

Am I strange to browse through a few blogs and Instagram before getting dressed in the morning? While having my coffee?

I think it's the perfect way to figure out what dress mood I am in. And yes, long forgotten is the weekly dressing schedule - I can sense spring and I want to be spontaneous!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

About me

I am noticing more visitors to the blog every day! For all you newcomers, this is a little bit about me

  • I can't accomplish anything in the morgning without my first coffee

  • I am an organized mess, meaning I have piles of things everywhere but I know exactly what I keep in them

  • I am a lawyer admitted to the bar association

  • My favourite colour is pink. Obviosuly, I can't wear that as much as I'd like.

  • I have a tendency to shop more when I am feeling low or stressed.

  • I am a frequent traveller. This blog has not seen much of it though.

  • I use to have a ravaging fear of dogs. Until I was gifted one for my 25th birthday.

  • My secret wish is to be funny.

  • I'm a lousy chef but a great guest ;).

  • If I was free to do anything I wanted, I would quit my job and do something fashion related full time. This blog is a first start.

What about you readers? List three things about yourself in the comments!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Accessories shopping

And while I was at my unexpected shopping spree yesterday, I managed to get a burgendy and gold bracelet as well. I think I can wear it with my vintage Herm├Ęs cadena bracelet today. Stop in on my instagram to say if you like it > fashion_lawyer!

Can you guess which one of the items it is?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

His & Hers

I was just going to the gym - I swear - and then I walked by a shop just to browse. And I came out with two Alexander McQeen scarves. Both on 70% sale! The right one is white with burgendy or purple-ish razers on it (morbid - I know) and I figure I can wear it at work to bring some colour to a burgendy dress hoping no-one will figure out the pattern. And the black one with white details on it, well - my boyfriend pinched when I got home. There you go, ladies and gentlement: his & hers. 

Saturday shopping spree

Hello from the dressing room in Burberry Prorsum rabbit felt cloche hat, H&M coat, faux fur stole and my weekend Balenciaga bag (with no room for a computer)!


Normally I am not a fan of shopping during weekends, specially not on Saturdays when the entire city have come up with the same brilliant idea. But yesterday, I was in luck!

It was not a planned spree but I happened to drop into one of those shops I never visit and it turned out they had a few selected items from my favourite brand, Tara Jarmon. And it was all on sale! And even better, on 70% sale. So I ended up making the following purchases:

A white basic high qaulity top from Tiger of Sweden

A grey short draped skirt from Tiger of Sweden
and a Tara Jarmon coat not too different from the H&M coat I was already wearing
front with bow tie details on the pockets

Back with details

The reason for a purchase very similar to what I alreaady have is because the H&M coat was purchased at 40 Euros and I was not expecting the quality to last for very long, although I absolutely love the leather detailing on the collar. So why not replace a winning concept with another one, very similar?
H&M coat to be thrown out.

Any successful shopping on your end? 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

All work and not play

....makes Jack a dull boy. This week I've been Jack, and therefore a dull boy. Plenty of work at the office and no time to play at all.

On the bright side of things, my weekly dressing planning is working out better than expected. Last week, I had to make a few last minute alterations given unexpected client meetings by the end of the week, requiring a sleeker, smarter outfit, whereas in the beginning of the week it was more desk work and long hours, requiring maximum comfort.

I update my daily pics on my instagram, fashion_lawyer, so if you are tired of waiting for my next post, you know where to go.

So long and happy Saturday!