Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paris shopping

When Im in Paris, my first shopping destination is always Tara Jarmon on Rue St HonorĂ©. The three stories shop is never disappointing. This time, I came out empty handed but full with inspiration. The Parisian spring tendencies are colorful, sixties patterns and pastel hues in nuances from peach, nude, pink and off white. 

Raspberry pink and bright blue

Sixties patterns

Soft pink hues on clothing and accessories

I am also always on the look for shoes and hanbags when I am in Paris. First, my travel budget seems to be different from my home one (not because I'm richer abroad but because I blame iron the exchange rate math problem) and second, both the selections and the interest for these items are massive. I had a short break on Saturday evening so I spent half an hour at the Lafayette shoe court. I tried a few things in but nothing really had me in love. One of my favorite French brands Cosmoparis who makes very elegant shoes at a decent price offered inspiration with soft lavender color requiring a massive pastel wardrobe. 

Soft lavender shoes and bag

These office shoes I tried on without success. Maybe sometimes the urge to shop is larger than the need to shop?

The top ones in nude seemed interesting. And in hot pink. But no purchase.

Finally at the airport, when I had given up the idea of shopping, I stopped by the little Hermes shop. And they had just got a refill of everything. I bought two accessories there that I have been looking for quite some time now!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obsession/Inspiration part 2

If you missed the first part, you can read it here.

So I cried. And obsessed. And spent hours searching on Internet for them. But the more I browsed, the more I was starting to think that maybe the lace-up would not be so flattering on me after all. I am a size 39, so it might look a bit boat shaped. And the shoes cost around 900 Euros, mind you. So it would be a fortune spent to look like a boat. 

But then, brilliance hits me. I was busy preparing this post with the shoe collage at polyvore, when I came across these shoes. Since I am a sucker for pink, obsession turned to inspiration. Two weeks later, this box arrived. 

And inside the pink box, these little baby's had finally come to mama! Comfortable, flattering on the foot and 12 cm high heels made with love. I intend to style them just like Natalia Vodianova did to achieve the same effect. 

And that's how obsession is best used for inspiration. Although I encourage you not to spend so much time of your life over it. 

I know there are quite a few of you that come in and have a peek and I would love to have a sign from you. I suggest minimum three of you leave a comment saying I am crazy. If that happens, I will have a contest with my latest faulty purchase in the blog. 

Now, time for dinner in Paris. Happy Sunday all!

Obsession/Inspiration part 1

Sometimes I get ideas in my head that stick forever and never go away. A long time ago I saw this picture of Natalia Vodianova on the cover of French Grazia wearing a peach and black outfit matched with Giambattista Valli grey python leather sandals. It is the kind of ten pointer I rarely come across, I think because my contemporary style has taught me to mismatch all together whereas my instinctive style leans toward perfect matching. For me, the shoes were a wild and completely fresh and modern take on a very classical outfit. Plus it was a cold color match against warm peachy tones and the harmony was unexpected and exciting 

So the obsession began. I was looking everywhere for similar shoes. However, I had just recently indulged in a pair of python Guccis in a fall color palette and could not motivate myself to the extra splurge, specially since no woman needs to buy to pairs if python shoes in one week.

(I had also bought the bag in an extra crazy spur if the moment)

So the search begun. One year later I find these shoes at cocosa.com. They are out in my size. I cry. To be continued in the next post. 

Weekend in Paris

I had the great fortune to accompany someone to Paris for a long weekend. Paris is one of my first city crushes and I have never quite replaced that love for another city.

Paris is style, fashion, ambiance and an international melting pot. In Paris, all the girls have perfect hairdoes and dress up at day and dress down at night. In Paris, every girl works hard to be able to own that Chanel or Celine bag. And every girl is envyous as every girl is worth envying. Whereas Rome and Milano are sexy, London is trendy and a bit of each, Paris is just chique and elegant. I always feel like the cousin from the country side when I am here, because no matter how hard I try and irrespective of how many of my fancy things I pack, I always look a little bit.... las season in comparison to others. It does not make it better that I am forced to wear a work attire as well.

Today, for a formal work lunch, I opted for my Vanessa Bruno skirt, a gucci belt paired with a white tee and a black velvet Tiger of Sweden jacket. Worn with my Louis Vuitton boots, and lacking a colourful palette, I felt a little bit more at home with the Parisian girls. 

What is your favorite city and why?