Monday, April 30, 2012

Local office wear - global impact

I work in a conservative business. One impact on the work wear culture is also the country where you live, apart from your sector. For ease of reference, I live in Sweden (Stockholm, to be precise) so I think there is some leeway in how strict you need to be. But the conservative line of work also brings restrictions with it.

So in order to know what you can wear, you have to look around and see what is permitted, encouraged, and accepted in your country of work and in your line of business.

I have one problem. I browse a bunch of fashion blogs and get inspired everyday. However, it drives me insane to realise I don't have the liberty to dress like the fashion bloggers. Well, even if I technically could, I wouldn't feel comfortable or proffessional. And on my time off - well then I look like a gardener or wear something very very comfortable with zero thought behind.

So I am missing some great inspiration for that every day work look which is not only a suit.

That is the point and purpose of this blog. You think it will interest you?

Admittedly very silly picture but I desperately needed to make reference to the pointless headline.

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