Thursday, February 21, 2013

About me

I am noticing more visitors to the blog every day! For all you newcomers, this is a little bit about me

  • I can't accomplish anything in the morgning without my first coffee

  • I am an organized mess, meaning I have piles of things everywhere but I know exactly what I keep in them

  • I am a lawyer admitted to the bar association

  • My favourite colour is pink. Obviosuly, I can't wear that as much as I'd like.

  • I have a tendency to shop more when I am feeling low or stressed.

  • I am a frequent traveller. This blog has not seen much of it though.

  • I use to have a ravaging fear of dogs. Until I was gifted one for my 25th birthday.

  • My secret wish is to be funny.

  • I'm a lousy chef but a great guest ;).

  • If I was free to do anything I wanted, I would quit my job and do something fashion related full time. This blog is a first start.

What about you readers? List three things about yourself in the comments!

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