Sunday, April 7, 2013

Obsession/Inspiration part 1

Sometimes I get ideas in my head that stick forever and never go away. A long time ago I saw this picture of Natalia Vodianova on the cover of French Grazia wearing a peach and black outfit matched with Giambattista Valli grey python leather sandals. It is the kind of ten pointer I rarely come across, I think because my contemporary style has taught me to mismatch all together whereas my instinctive style leans toward perfect matching. For me, the shoes were a wild and completely fresh and modern take on a very classical outfit. Plus it was a cold color match against warm peachy tones and the harmony was unexpected and exciting 

So the obsession began. I was looking everywhere for similar shoes. However, I had just recently indulged in a pair of python Guccis in a fall color palette and could not motivate myself to the extra splurge, specially since no woman needs to buy to pairs if python shoes in one week.

(I had also bought the bag in an extra crazy spur if the moment)

So the search begun. One year later I find these shoes at They are out in my size. I cry. To be continued in the next post. 

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