Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Oh my. Today I deviated from my dressing plan. I always had a hunch that my camel Gerard Darel suit was a little old fashioned in the cut. And the wool a little bit itchy. And maybe my tummy doesn't look so flattering in it. But frankly, I wouldn't quite know, because I never really wore it before. I mean, I tried it on, but not wore wore it, if you know what I mean.  

So it made me think I should try a different pair of pants this morning. A pair that has been hanging in my closet ever since I could not resist buying it during the Paris sales last year ( - or was it two years ago? I forget). But. I did the unforgivable, I bought them although they could barely fit and only close with force and not look so comfortable. I don't do that - I am too mature and too self appreciative and not self-deceptive enough. But I did.

But THIS MORNING! I was able to wear the pants, and they looked great, I looked great, and I felt great! It means that my new work-out routine is paying off and I love it.

So what about my work wear schedule? I stuck to it for the black shirt. Well almost, at least, since I chose a black Mango knitted short sleeved top with a bowtie on the side and a Zara blazer that has a very similar checked pattern. I hopped into my sexy mode Zara suede pumps with a "cleavage" and I love it! And I love my mirror image - is that even allowed?


Ok, now that I see it, it doesn't look that special. But close are more the feeling thy give us than what they actually make us look like. Some better quality on my blog pictures for the future perhaps?


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