Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We love animalprints!

It's funny to see, the pictures on my Instagram (fashion_lawyer) that get the most likes always have animal prints in them. So I take animal prints are popular.

Animal prints are not for everyone, and they are not always for work.

I try and limit my work wear to include either my Gucci Icon Bit Hobo bag

Or to my Gucci python peeptoes in the same leather (maybe even from the same snake?)

But in private a go crazy and besides my Current/Elliot Zebra jeans as worn before

I now added to my collection a pair of snake skin print jeans from Mango, bought on sale at 50% off!

What do you think - is it all just crazy and non-wearable? Which is your favourite? What animal do you prefer on print?

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