Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Client dinner in DvF

Last night I was invited to a client dinner. I rushed home from work, showered and freshened up, and jumped into my Diane von Furstenburg burgondy wool dress. I realize the setting for the picture is not the best with all the laundry behind, but this is what I captured.

The red leather Hermès Kelly Cadena bracelet and the black Hermès clic clac bracelet were on as usual.

It is important to have a set of clothes that you can wear outside of the office, but for work related activities. My evening wear for a night out on town with my friends looks very different from that of a client dinner with people from different nationalities, cultures and ages. I recommend you to invest in a dress which is easy to wear and elegant at the same time in the perfect length, preferably with a sleeve so you don't feel naked or exposed in case you find yourself in a situation for example with only men.

My DvF standard business dinner dress below:

I love the back as seen below:

And with my new love, the Hermès Kelly Cadena vintage bracelet!

Pictures from www.mytheresa.com

What is your standard evening attire for work related events?

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